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Best SEO agencies in Cairo Egypt

Digital4it is one of the SEO companies in Egypt. We help our clients to appear in the first results in Google depending on keywords clients are searching for.

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Website Optimization

Search Optimization We help your website to get the best rank in Google so that it can have a great number of visits and consequently your sales are pushed forwards.

Website Analysis

Data Analysis We have an action plan that is suitable for you to solve the problems and improve all SEO aspects including internal SEO, the technical points and the backlinks.

Preparing websites for search engines We improve the quality of your website to increase the number of visits it receives. At Digital4it Company, we study the field and the competitors of each client so that the best action plan can be formulated.

What are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Companies?

Digital is a SEO company that offers professional services to companies that need to improve their existence on the internet and to be in the top results of search engines. Improvement of results in search engines includes some processes and techniques that lead to higher rank of your website in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Each good SEO company shares its clients the same goal that is advancement of their business. The duty of the SEO company is to help you to increase the number of visits to your website, to attract potential clients, and to get more sales through search results.

The Top SEO Company in Egypt

If you have a website and you want it to get more visits via Google – the largest search engine – you can contact the top SEO company in Egypt namelyDigital Company. The strategy of Digital Company is to draw up a complete plan which is appropriate for your website and your field. In addition, we consider your competitors and help you to surpass them.

SEO Service

Here are the stages we implement for any website that is trying to attract a wider audience through Google, the best search engine:

  1. We identify the key words the clients are searching for. Then, suitable words are added to get more visits.
  2. We consider the competitors, their strengths, and their weak spots to surpass them.
  3. A comprehensive analysis of the website is conducted – if it had been designed by another company and not by us – to find out its technical problems such as running slow and problems of site supervisor tools. This service is included in SEO without any extra charge.
  4. We create an appropriate content that shows the services of the website or the company. This content is easy and suitable to Google where allconditions of exclusive content in Google are applied.

Creating a SEO Strategy

Establishing a SEO strategy for your website requires a deep understanding of your reasons, criteria and goals. At Digital Company, every action is wellplanned for. That is why; we perform an analysis of the competitors, their strengths and weak points.

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Our SEO company conducts a detailed research to optimize the sites for search engines through improvement of the content to be identical to users’ search. SEO service uses a smarter methodology at a completely new level of participation and transformation that leads to optimization of websites for search engines.

How can SEO improve your business?

At Digital Company, we analyze your website and prepare a comprehensive SEO report that shows its strengths and weaknesses.
Digital Company offers you a free analysis of your website. This analysis identifies the strong points and the weak points in your website. In addition, it gives you valuable advice to improve the rank of your site in Google.

We also provide Arabic SEO services for websites in middle east

Get free SEO analysis

Get your free report In Our company we analysis your company website and we do a complete SEO report about your website’s strength and weak points.

With digital for it company you can have your FREE analysis service for your website , in this service we do a research about your strength and weak points and putting them in your hand , we also provide an important advices that helps you in your place in SEO.

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SEO Newsletter

SEO service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services includes two areas: :-

  1. On-page SEO
  2. OFF-page Seo

On-site search engine optimizers focus on strategies that make your website more compatible to search engines such as adding relative key words, in-links, updating the descriptive data, # , increasing the speed of the website, and offering end-user design.
Improving the SEO out the website consists of plans shared out your website which also will make your website place higher , those plans concentrating on BACKLINKS.

On-site search engine optimizers include tactics published out of your website that help your website rank higher. These tactics depend mainly on backlinks.

It is worth noting that not all SEO companies are specialized in on-site and off-site tactics; on-site search engine optimizers require high technical ability and off-site ones need great experience to get quality backlinks. More particularly, search engine optimizers usually include the following:

  1. Assessment of businesses and analyzing the website: SEO companies usually start with assessing your website and the key words. The structure of the website and the content are considered to assess factors such as coding and the number of key words. Assessment of your website is the best method to identify its strengths and weaknesses before developing an effective strategy to optimize it for search engines.
  2. In addition to the website analysis, aSEO agency will take your business into consideration. They will also consider its targeted audience and general goals to formulate a SEO strategy. After knowing more about your goals and target audience, a SEO agency can determine the best tactics to be used for making your website rank higher on the internet.
  3. Formulation of a long-term SEO strategy: After analyzing your website thoroughly, a SEO company helps you to draw up a long-term plan to achieve more optimization for search engines. Formulating a SEO strategy and its aims relies on your business and general goals.
  4. An experienced SEO company will use the information obtained from analyzing your website to develop a special plan. Optimization for search engines includes finding out the key words and phrases most commonly used by your target audience.
  5. Improvement of website design and loading speed: Search engines seek to deliver the best possible results and to createpositive user experience. It prioritizes the results according to the content with the greater value. Therefore, if your website takes a long time to load, Google will not give it high priority. A web developer knowledgeable about search engine optimizationwill improve user experience (UX) of PCs, tablets and smartphones, will speed up the loading of your website, and will deal with any technical problems that slow down your website.
  6. Update your quotes: Your potential clients useevidence of Google, Yelp and otherson the internet to search for local business activities. Hence, your lists must be updated to increase your potential clients through your presence on the internet.
  7. Despite the fact that little evidence is used by people regularly in Google, Yelp, Bing, etc., there are more than 500 pieces of evidence worldwide. A SEO agency helps businessmen to find out the evidence related to their business and to their prospective clients. It also helps with improvement of local search engine optimizers, ranking up your website on result pages, and creating a positive online reputation.
  8. Creating quality HTTP cookies: Firstly, what is backlink? It is one of the most important aspects of off-site SEO campaign. The backlink is simply a website related to another one. Google gives a lot of weight to backlinks as they show how good you are at your business. For example, if an article is written for a certain real estate company about trends of real estate in Saudi Arabia and this article requires going back to the website of that company, Google will consider this backlink a good one.
  9. So, why it is important? Because Google rewards being related to the subject. They seek to provide their search with more relative results. Thereupon, if a website about local real estate is considerably valuable and if the websites with much access are related to it, Google will find that they are very skillful in their specialty and will reward them with high rank on result pages.

However, Google will not rank your website up on the first page of search results if it has only one good backlink. They consider all HTTP cookies to assess the quality of your website’s backlinks, including the number and diversity of these links. HTTP cookies of high quality help search engine to rank up your website and to understand how it is related to those of your competitors who present similar products or services.